“Murder, She Wrote” – Opening Theme / Outfit 2

Yesterday morning, watching my daily dose of “Murder, She Wrote”, I suddenly realised that there are different opening themes with different outfits!! Oh well. For now, I am just warming up using those almost-visible in this youtube video.

In this screenshot we can see Jessica going fishing (I guess?) and, yes, maybe this is not one of her best outfits, but you can’t deny that she managed to dress classy but casual enough for a day that will probably end up with her clothes getting smelly and stained (with blood from a billionnaire rather than a tuna).

2My favourite detail is the hat. It has a Borsalino vibe and a lovely colour, so I decided that the best match is this Etsy listing by seller StylishBird for this gorgeous Vintage Borsalino hat, which at less than £60 is quite a steal.

This Miss Selfridge black jumper at £35 is affordable, versatile and pretty!

For the white shirt, I still choose this one at H&M for £12.99 which I believe we will see coming back times and times again in Jessica’s outfits…

I could not really tell if the trousers were grey or olive green, but in the end I decided for these pretty trousers by Zara, at the moment on sale at only £9.99.

But what is she wearing on top of it all?! I could not really decide if that was some sort of shirt, a jacket or a raincoat, so I reserve the chance to change my mind when I will come across this episode, but I decided to go for a vintage oversized denim shirt as this one available at Beyond Retro , which I think somehow fits the mood of this outfit.



8 responses to ““Murder, She Wrote” – Opening Theme / Outfit 2

  1. This is a hot look! You should take a photo of you in this outfit. I’m sure you’d look amazing! :)

  2. Who doesn’t love Jessica! Such a cool character!

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