When I started this blog I would have never imagined that so many lovely people would take the time to read it, so first of all I would like to thank you very much for stopping by.

I also met many kind, interesting and incredibly talented bloggers who asked me about my life and kindly mentioned me and my blog on their personal pages. As I blog about a very specific topic unfortunately I can’t reciprocate from one of my posts: this is why I created this page, as a reply and sincere thank you.

Here are a few random facts about me.

1 – Eight is my favourite number.
2 – I love animals.
3 – I love Angela Lansbury (no surprises here).
4 – I suspect that in my previous life I was a penguin.
5 – I am useless at making lists of facts about myself.
6 – I could live only on tomatoes and strawberries. And stuffed-crust pizza.
7 – I would be a terrible murder witness: I forget faces within milliseconds.
8 – At times, my mum would read me Agata Christie’s books as bedtime stories.

More importantly: you will find below just a few great blogs I read so please go and check them out. I will definitely add many more as time goes by, but for the time being, in no particular order:

Thank you again for reading!

19 responses to “And…

  1. Brill – congrats and thanks for the link!

  2. thank you, best wishes and success with your blog!!!

  3. I love your blog! You are a great writer and awesome style!

  4. Agatha Christie books were the start and I dearly love Angela Lansbury. I have vowed that every time she’s on Broadway, since her return, that I’ll be there. She was great in Deuce, then A Little Night Music and The Best Man on Broadway, all great!!

    • Ooh, I never saw her on stage so I am very jealous! ;) I really hope to have the chance to see her at some point soon!!

  5. Hi Lau, I wish to present you with a Best Moment Award, you may find more information at:

    Congratulations and best regards, James :-)

  6. Lau, thank you so much for linking to my blog and introducing me to so very great and fun blogs. I am truly amazed at the work you are putting into yours. It’s fantastic!

    • Thank you so very much for your kind words and support!! I really love reading your blog, your cats are adorable and I find your posts really inspiring! :)

  7. And why do you suppose you were a penguin? Do you waddle? I think they mate for life, as well.

    • Haha :) I do waddle, especially when I am wearing high heels and I had a glass or two! :)

  8. Hello Lau,

    Do you have a contact email address?

    Kirsty, Two Hundred Word Travel

  9. Congratulations!

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