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Please note : This page does not claim in any way to be a precise or exhaustive list of all of Jessica Fletcher’s clothes in the series “Murder, She Wrote” but only a list of the items that have been discussed so far in this blog.
Thank you for stopping by! :)

Click on the numbers if you wish to read the posts where the item is described. If there is more than one number it’s because the same item – or a similar one – has been discussed in more than one post.

Jessica Fletcher’s Closet so far contains:

Blue tracksuit top (1)
Blue-white-red tracksuit (1)
Green Jacket (1)

Grey tracksuit (1)
Horse riding outfit (1)
Brown dressing gown (1)

Pastel pyjamas (1)
Pink pyjamas (1)
Red dressing gown (1)
Tartan nightgown (1)

White dressing gown (1)
Tops and shirts

Beige shirt (1)
Blue contrast shirt (1)
Bow-neck blouse (1)
Cream shirt (1)
Dark blue flannel shirt (1)
Denim shirt (1) (2) (3)
Grey shirt (1)
Khaki shirt (1)
Light blue shirt (1) (2) (3) (4)
Light blue striped shirt (1) (2) (3)
Navy shirt (1)
Pale yellow striped shirt (1)
Pastel striped shirt (1)
Pink shirt (1)
Pink striped shirt (1)
Red shirt (1)
Tan brown blouse (1)
Yellow camisole (1)
Yellow shirt (1)
White shirt (1) (2) (3)
Suits and vests
Beige sleeveless cardigan (1)
Black sleeveless cardigan  (1)
Beige waistcoat (1)
Grey tweed suit (1)
Grey vest (1)
Navy pleated skirt suit (1) (2)
Black long-sleeved dress (1)
Blue shirtdress (1)
Pin-striped pink shirtdress (1)
Pink ‘Glinda the Witch’ fancy dress (1)
Pink striped shirtdress (1) (2)
Polka dot blue shirtdress (1)
Printed shirtdress (1)
Red striped dress (1)
Two pieces brown geometrical dress
Jumpers and cardigans

Beige cardigan (1)
Black jumper (1) (2)
Black v-neck cardigan (1)
Blue cable-knit jumper (1) (2)
Blue long cardigan (1)
Blue ribbed jumper (1)
Brown cable-knit cardigan (1)
Fish patterned cardigan (1) (2)
Grey jumper (1)
Navy cardigan (1)
Red long cardigan (1)
Red jumper (1) (2)
Very long black cardigan (1)
Yellow cardigan (1)
White jumper (1)

Beige pleated skirt (1)
Black pencil skirt (1)
Blue buttoned skirt (1)
Blue wrap-around skirt (1) (2)
Brown pleated skirt (1)
Floral pleated skirt (1)
Grey pencil skirt (1)
Grey pleated skirt (1)
Khaki pencil skirt (1)
Plaid skirt (1)
White pencil skirt (1)
White pleated skirt (1)
Beige (1)
Black (1)
Blue (1) (2)
Cream (1)
Grey (1) (2)
Jeans (1) (2) (3)
Olive green (1)
Jackets and coats
Burgundy bomber jacket (1)
Denim duffle coat (1)
Detective trench coat (1) (2)

Light brown jacket (1)
Pale blue jacket (1)

Red rain jacket (1)
Tweed coat (1)
Yellow raincoat (1)
White blazer (1)
White denim jacket (1)

Blue striped apron

Scarves and foulards
Autumn colours scarf (1)
Blue-white-red scarf (1)
Flower patterned scarf (1) (2) (3) (4)
Geometric silk scarf (1)
Grey scarf (1)
Grey-white-pink scarf (1)
Light blue scarf (1)
Pastel chequered scarf (1)
Red with blue dots scarf (1)
Red with white pattern scarf (1)
Square patterned scarf (1)
Violet scarf (1)
White satin scarf (1)
White silk scarf (1) (2)

Bar brooch (1)
Gold studs (1)
Grey pearls necklace (1)
Pearl and gold earrings (1)
Pearl stud earrings (1)
Pearl necklace (1) (2)
Red beads necklace (1)
Red pearls necklace (1)
Round watch (1)

Silver snake chain (1)
Tortoise shell glasses (1) (2)

Belts and gloves
Black leather gloves (1)
Brown belt (1) (2)
Khaki belt (1)
White belt (1)

Black beret (1)
Cream Borsalino hat (1)

Fishermen’s hat (1)
Straw hat (1)

Beach bag (1) (2)
Black evening handbag (1) (2)
Brown briefcase (1)
Brown leather Coach bag (1)
Brown leather satchel (1)
Nude clutch (1)
Beige heels (1) (2)
Black heels (1)
Black slingbacks (1)
Blue flats (1) (2)
Blue trainers (1)
Blue and white Adidas trainers (1)
Brown flat Oxford shoes (1)
Brown court shoes (1)
Brown heels (1) (2)
Brown loafers (1) (2)
Navy heels (1)
Nude court shoes (1)
Peeptoe shoes (1)
Plum heels (1)
Riding boots (1)
Tan heels (1)
White sneakers (1) (2)


Assorted kitchenware (1)
Bang! gun (1)
Bucket (1)
China mug (1).
City bike (1)
Flashlight (1)
Horse wall plaque (1)
Oil lamp (1)
Random home décor (1) (2)
Transistor radio (1)
Typewriter (1)

White ceramic duck (1)
Wine glass (1) 


12 responses to “Inventory

  1. Mary Lautner

    Thank you for doing this! I have been trying to define my style and find I love the look in the Jessica Fletcher series. I like: different blouses, the fancy dresses she has, and the scarves.

    • Thank you so much! I feel exactly the same as you and I am very happy if you found it useful!!

  2. Itoe_Akimoto

    Lovely post! What do you think to make also a page about the different rooms of Jessica house? and maybe also the Jessica “like and dislike”? for example: her wake up allarm is at 6:00a.m. \ she likes coffee and tea \ she takes an herbal tea before to sleep \ … (I took all these infos from the episodes, so I’m sure that are correct!)

    • Hello! Thank you so much for your comment and for all these information! Unfortunately I don’t think I have the time right now to make the pages you suggest, but it is a great idea! In the meantime you might want to check out The Definitive Guide to Murder, She Wrote ( ).They have a facebook page and a website and they collect more in depth information and facts about Jessica!

  3. Itoe_Akimoto

    Oh! another little info: in an episode Jessica confirm to someone (I don’t remember who was) that she wore a locket necklace with the photo of her husband Frank…

    • Oh, thank you so much for this lovely piece of information! I really hope the locket will be also shown at some point in the series!

  4. Classic style never goes out of style! Thanks, too, for visiting my blog. Bon weekend!

  5. Hi there, love your blog, such an interesting subject. I was just wondering if you know of the dress Jessica wore in Season 6 Episode 19. At the beginning she is wearing what looks like a red jersey wrap dress with a tiger brooch maybe? I love it.

  6. Excellent :) I love your funny blog.

  7. Codysmom06

    I love this blog. I’m now finding myself trawling trough ebay looking for similar items at bargain prices. I’m so fed up of looking scruffy all the time!

  8. Currently watching Season 3, Episode 8:Magnun On Ice and there is a delightful blue dress Jessica wears in the beginning of the episode. I was wondering if you had seen it yet. Great job!

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