Ethel… Explores Jessica Fletcher’s Closet

The incredibly talented Ethel Mermaids have been so kind to take the time to ask me some questions about my blog. Here is their lovely post if you want to read my blabber! Thank you EM!! X

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We Ethel Mermaids bring a lot of different likes to the EM project and there are of course collective fandoms, loves where we are unanimous. We heart Murder, She Wrote and Angela Lansbury. We all came to MSW at different times in our lives and we all love it very, very hard. There is – not surprisingly – quite the camp, cult following for MSW. If you are unfamiliar, along with a recommended viewing any of the millions of episodes repeated on TV every 10 minutes, we would like to be your guides for all things MSW, Jessica Fletcher and Angela Lansbury. May we please direct your attention to (WARNING: explicit material) the sublime Positive Moves (extracts available on youtube)? That in itself could possibly be all you would ever need. But wait – there’s more.  There is Murder, She Blogged, which is pretty amazing with…

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10 responses to “Ethel… Explores Jessica Fletcher’s Closet

  1. Hi! Will there be more posts or is this blog closed (that would be really sad!)

  2. Lovely to see a recent photo of Ms Lansbury looking great, as always.

  3. I KNOW you probably have a lot of other things going on right now, but I really love your blog so much and can’t wait for your next post! Just letting you know that your fans are still here :)

    • Awww, you are too kind, thank you so very much!!! Trust me, I miss writing about Jessica, A LOT. I am working on the new post, hopefully it will be finished soon!! XX

  4. Sorry to see this blog has apparently ended, especially with this exciting news:

    Also, so sad that Murder, She Wrote has been taken off NetFlix streaming!

    • Great news!! (Not the Netflix ones obviously!:( ) Thank you for sharing!! :)

      I am sorry, the blog is not dead… I just have a new job and very little time right now :((( I am working on the next post, but I am struggling to find matching pieces. :/

  5. I just read this about a re-make of MSW with Octavia Spencer. I hope the styling gives as much pleasure as the Angela Lansbury years

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