“Murder, She Wrote” – Opening Theme / Outfit 3/4/5

(See the opening theme of “Murder, She Wrote” on youtube).

This image of Jessica running is really just a couple of seconds, hence too short to really understand what she is wearing, however…

3… Looks like she is wearing a grey tracksuit top, and this one at £15 from Domyos is simple, pretty and easy going, exactly as a tracksuit should be.

As per what she is wearing under, it might be a white shirt (H&M) but watching the video I am more inclined to think that she is wearing something more classy: a white scarf, like this beautiful handmade silk scarf by Etsy designer  SWAKcouture.


An accessory that attracted my attention in the opening theme is JF’s watch.

I have been looking for a similar model and I stumbled upon this stunning Revue Thommen classical watch, however… for those of us who do not have $3000 in spare cash (!) I think this £26 Timex Ladies is a very pretty alternative!


The next two outfits are shown so quickly that I will just take a guess.

22bTo wave at the boat, JF is wearing cream trousers, like these from Debenhams at £20, the omnipresent white shirt, and a navy cardigan, similar to this one by Woolovers, now on sale at £35.

To wave (not at the boat) JF is wearing a denim shirt, so I chose this classic denim shirt, £25 at M&S. Bonus accessory: the bucket.



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