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A locked room riddle.

“Murder, She Wrote” Series 1 – Episode 10
Death Casts a Spell

Fashion Tip learned :
The same outfits can be worn time and time again, as long as you change their vibe with the help of different accessories.

Life Lesson learned :
As said by Jessica herself: ‘drinking does not solve anything’.


Jessica is tricked by one of her editor’s assistants into meeting a famous hypnotist. When he gets killed in a sealed room and the only suspects can’t remember anything of what has just happened, she is the only one who can solve the riddle!

Being this a ‘locked room mystery’, Jessica wears only three outfits throughout the whole episode.
At the beginning Jessica is seen with a lovely beige ensemble brightened up by a rainbow coloured scarf and the red necklace she wore in the previous episode.

01 copy

We already saw her wearing a similar shirt, but khaki. This time she goes for a lighter hue, worn over what seems to be a pale yellow (or off-white?) camisole.
I like this cotton shirt available at Yoox. this linen one by La Redoute, and this shirt-blouse by Mango.
For the camisole, I found this yellow one by Top Shop and this one, available in both yellow and light blush at The Limited.

Jessica’s outfit is embellished by a thin and slightly darker belt. I like this minimal khaki belt available at Needsupply, or this metallic belt by Uniqlo.

Plaid/Checkered skirts seem to be popping out everywhere lately, so I am sure finding something similar to the one Jessica is wearing won’t be too difficult.
I personally like this vintage 70s skirt by Etsy seller Othilia, and this tartan one by Asos. If you feel like going mini instead, you can choose this lovely high-waisted vintage skirt by Etsy seller Crowning Vintage Store.

Jessica’s scarf has a very colourful squared pattern, and on a similar vibe I found this lovely handmade scarf by Etsy designer Pat’s Crafts, this cheerful vintage scarf by Etsy seller Recapture Vintage, and this lightweight scarf by M&S.

If you are interested in Jessica’s Coach bag, you might want to go back to Episode 3.

For her second outfit, Jessica injects a bit more colour with a lovely pink and blue ensemble.

02 copy

Many high street stores, such Asos, La Redoute and Laura Ashley offer pretty and affordable pink shirts.

We have already seen this combination of blue wrap-around skirt and blue canvas shoes in previous episodes. Pretty canvas flats can be found at Barratts, Cloggs and Debenhams, whilst Etsy is a fantastic resource for wrap skirts, like this beautiful vintage handmade skirt by Etsy seller Jump The Moon Vintage.
And if you are like me and totally love Diane Von Furstenberg, this original vintage DVF skirt by Etsy seller Fidget Finds is a real bargain.

The floral scarf ties in the blue and the pink in a lovely two-tones pattern.
I like this pretty print scarf at Yesstyle, and this beautiful handmade silk scarf by Etsy designer Cyndy Kempken.

Jessica’s bag (as already seen in Episode 4) has been identified by Michelle as a L.L. Bean tote bag, originally made in Maine.
A detail I had not seen the last time I wrote about this bag is that she had her initials embroidered on it: JBF (Jessica Beatrice Fletcher)!
Still today L.L. Bean gives you the chance to add your monograms on your purchases.

In the last scene Jessica wears again the first outfit, but adds her beloved light blue shirt and changes the scarf to a more autumnal one.

03 copy

Pretty blue shirts are available everywhere, such as at TopShop, Asos or Land’s End.
For Jessica’s scarf, I love this handmade infinity scarf by Etsy designer Neck Styles, and this floral one available at Zalando.

One night at the ballet.

“Murder, She Wrote” Series 1 – Episode 9
“Death Takes a Curtain Call

Fashion Tip learned :
Even if you like to colour-coordinate your whole outfit, don’t be afraid to inject a splash of colour choosing one single item in a complete different hue.

Life Lesson learned :
If you are trying to hide something (or someone) placing it in plain sight could be the most successful solution.


Jessica is invited to see a Russian ballet in Boston, but what seemed destined to be just a fun night out with an old friend turns out to be a very complicated ‘Cold War’ situation!

The episode opens with Jessica serving one of her famous pies to her friend Ethan. She is wearing a light yellow shirt and a blue stiped apron, over what seem to be a pair of simple jeans.


It is very easy to find a plain yellow shirt on the high street, like this linen long-sleeved shirt available at La Redoute, but I also picked a couple of modern takes on the same style: I really like this linen-cotton shirt by Banana Republic and this clever ‘shirt-style’ t-shirt available at La Redoute.

For the apron, on Etsy I found this beautiful hand-made half denim apron by Etsy artisan Attitude&Apron, but I also really like this classic apron by Alison Capeling, and this lovely half apron available at Terrain.

To attend the ballet, Jessica chooses an elegant grey coat, worn over a black dress and embellished by a violet striped scarf.

2a copyJessica’s coat looks  like tweed: it is very classic in its shape, its ‘herringbone’ pattern and overall design, so it is easy to find a nice, affordable one in second hand or vintage shops, like this beige one or this cream and black one, both available at Rokit or this black one, sold by Etsy shop Gabriella’s Treasures, and this mauve grey by Etsy seller Retro Momo.

I really like Jessica’s violet and white striped scarf, and I found a few scarves playing with the same colour scheme, like this ‘Aztec’ scarf, this whimsical striped one and this classic  geometric one, all available at Nordstrom. I also like this cashmere one by M&S and this vintage Egon Furstenberg vintage scarf by Etsy seller Totally Scarves.

Under her lovely coat, Jessica goes for a classy black long sleeved dress, like this pretty one by Asos and this simple one sold on Amazon. I also like this one, still by Asos, because of the embellished collar.

02 copy

Accessories-wise, Jessica does not wear earrings often, so the fact that she does in this occasion attracted my attention. As far as I can tell, her golden earrings have a ‘peanut’ like shape, which has proved nearly impossible to find. Somehow on the same vibe, however, I quite like these simple vintage Anne Klein studs, available at Rokit, these gorgeous 1980s vintage button earrings by Etsy seller Ecolibrio Vintage, these lovely vintage stud earrings by Etsy seller Designs By Ruth, and these unique hand-made gold post earrings by Etsy designer Jewelry by Michael.

She also wears what seems to be a grey pearls necklace, like this one available at Debenhams or this one by Etsy designer Dahlia Jewels.

Jessica completes the outfit with a black evening bag (I like this simple one from John Lewis – which I coincidentally bought not too long ago! – and this gorgeous vintage one from Beyond Retro), a pair of cute black slingback like these from Asos or these from Dorothy Perkins, and a pair of elegant black leather gloves like these from H&M or these from M&S.

To entertain friends at home, Jessica goes for a simple and elegant monochromatic outfit.

03 copy

Jessica loves her blue shirt and has worn it countless times throughout the series! This time she pairs it with a long vest, similar to this one by American Apparel or this one on sale on Yoox, and a simple pencil skirt, like this one now on sale at House of Frasers.

Even if the image is not very clear, I like to think that Jessica injected a bit of colour wearing court shoes in a lovely plum colour, like these on sale at Daniel Footwear or these available at Rubber Sole.

Grey or beige are not the first colours that would come to my mind if I think about a pretty printed scarf, but once again Jessica proved me wrong! On a similar vibe, I like this peacock snoop and this quirky ‘insects’ scarf, both available at Zalando, this pretty butterflies scarf by Oliver Bonas, this lovely vintage square scarf by Etsy seller Majilly, and this beautiful vintage Anne Fogarty scarf by Etsy seller MilesChandler.

Even when wearing plain grey trousers, Jessica manages to add a girly vibe to her outfit.

04 copy

Over a simple white shirt, Jessica wears a sheer yellow cardigan. I like this classic unisex lemon v-neck by Woolovers and this pretty woven trim cardigan now on sale at Warehouse.
Her grey simple trousers are easy to find on the high street, such for instance at Kohls, Debenhams or Top Shop.
Jessica’s shoes are brown and slightly pointed, like this classic heels available at Zalando or these faux leather court shoes by Esprit.
As a final touch, her scarf looks like the same we have seen in this episode, but since the scarves I picked last time are now sold out, I found this pretty Vera Neumann scarf at Target, and this lovely Japanese vintage scarf by Etsy seller Aesthetikara.

Last but not least, for the slightly sombre ending of this episode Jessica wears a black and white outfit, brightened by a red beads necklace.

05 copy

Over her white shirt and pencil black skirt, Jessica wears a very long black cardigan, similar to this one now on sale at House of Frasers or this one available at John Lewis.
Her red bead necklace is very simple and yet gives a very much needed bright accent to her look. I like this cracked bead strand by Toast and this red combo pack of three necklaces by Tilly’s.

PS – Thank you all for your patience! :) Hopefully now I am back for good! :)

Dinner Party at Jessica’s house.

“Murder, She Wrote” Series 1 – Episode 7
“Hit, Run and Homicide”
(Post 1 of 2)

Fashion Tip learned :
If carrying a jumper with you, but not ready to wear it just yet, tieing it around your shoulders is a way to still include it in your outfit, and looks way better than having it around your waist or stuffing it into your bag!

Life Lesson learned :
Helping a friend in distress is a good thing, but being able to do so whilst making them feel that they made it on their own is even better!


It’s hard to imagine a more interesting dinner party than one where, after feasting on lovely home made food, you get to discuss murder theories over a cup of coffee. And who better than Jessica can organise such an evening?

On a side note, apparently someone thought about putting together a Murder, She Wrote Cookbook with recipes written by cast and crew! Now, this is something that will definitely be on my Christmas wishlist!

In this episode, Jessica has to deal with a car that seems to have a mind of its own (and a criminal one at that) as it can’t help but going around running over defenceless businessmen. Throw in the mix a quirky inventor, a car chase worthy of a Bond movie and Jessica playing arcade games and you will have the perfect recipe for a really fun and original episode!

01 barbecue copy

When invited to her friend’s barbecue, Jessica wears a lovely blue button down skirt, like this one by Etsy seller milkandbread, or this one by Etsy seller UkiDukiVintage.

She completes her simple and yet really pretty look with a blue cable knit jumper, exactly like this one by Woolovers, and  a simple white shirt, like this poplin one available at Zara.

To receive her friends for an informal dinner, Jessica is wearing a lovely pink pin-stiped dress and one of her beautiful scarves.
Of course I could not miss the chance to have also a bit of fun trying to find some of Jessica’s home decor as visible in these scenes.

01 jess dinner party 2b copy

Jessica is wearing a beautiful silk scarf decorated with what looks like pink flowers on a blue background.
I personally think that Oxfam is  great place where to get your accessories, especially scarves. You will sponsor a great cause whilst stocking up on your favourites, such as this lovely handwoven Indian silk scarf.
I also like this floral scarf by Liberty, this one from H&M, this one by UniqLo, this one available at Zalando, and this luxury silk chiffon one available at Boticca, because I think they all have a similar vibe.

I am convinced that Jessica would totally shop at UniqLo. The amount of clothes that I can find in that store that somehow remind me of her style is just unbelievable. This pin-striped dress is not an exception, even though it is available in blue or grey instead of the pink. Truth is, though, that what makes this dress is the collar detail on it, so I tried to find something a bit different that could echo this, like for instance this beautiful 1960s shirtdress by Etsy seller ZestVintage, or this lovely 1950s dress by Etsy seller dandydigs. Keeping it simple, though, I also like this pretty ‘peach parfait’ dress by ModCloth.

Is that a photo frame with a picture of Jessica and Frank, in the foreground of the first screenshot? Hard to tell, but I like to think so. You can recreate a similar feel with this art nouveau photo frame by Etsy seller sexytrashvintage, or this vintage Italian frame by Etsy seller Italianmemories.

On Jessica’s table we can see some brass candlesticks, similar to this set by Etsy seller RestyledByValerie, or this set by Etsy seller MilkasTreasures.
On a similar vibe is this pretty metal pillar candle holder, available at – probably my all time favourite home decoration shop – Nordic House.
The candlestick on the mantel piece is slightly different, and I like this 19th century one by Etsy seller AbbysTreasures and this set of two by Etsy seller tracinicole.

Speking of lights, I really like the wooden chandelier hanging over Jessica’s dining table. I found a similar one on the website of country living boutique Maisie K, or a very cool more modern version by Etsy designer REGOllc.

teacup bust lamp

Jessica is drinking tea (or coffee?) from a lovely floral cup with gold edging.
I can’t stress enough how much I adore vintage teacups, and when it comes to online resources, Etsy is a gold mine as always.
My vintage picks are these lovely Japanese teacups by seller mstookesmuzes, this pretty mid-century Imperial China set by seller Moonlightdecorator, and this lovely English fine bone China set by seller dscg610775.

Something that attracted my attention, despite being most of the time out of focus, is the golden bust behind Jessica. Of course it is impossible to see who or what it is depicting, but I like to think it might be something similar to this elegant Abraham Lincoln bust by Etsy seller TheVintageTreehouse, or this whimsical Johann Sebastian Bach upcycled bust by Etsy seller embeehat, or this delightful mid century child bust by Etsy seller 4envisioningvintage.

I have also noticed the beautiful green lamp visible in the living room (you can see it a bit better in one of the first screenshots, earlier in this post).
It looks like a double arm ‘student’ lamp, quite similar to this brass desk lamp available now on Ebay, or this lamp shade available by this Washington-based lampshade maker website. Sold by Etsy seller Mamadadoo, I also found these two stunning separate vintage parlor lamps.

Suit and polka dots.

“Murder, She Wrote” Series 1 – Episode 6
“Lovers and Other Killers”
(Post 1 of 2)

Fashion Tip learned :
Dressing comfortably when travelling does not necessarily require you to compromise on elegance.

Life Lesson learned :
If someone asks you to meet late at night in an empty office/back alley/depot, just give it a miss. If you really must go, at least bring a friend.

In this episode Jessica goes to Seattle University to do a series of lectures about murder mystery writing. The very young, overly pushy and slightly annoying David gets a job as her personal secretary. Chaos ensues. Jessica nearly gets killed. David tries to seduce her but Jessica, as the lady she is, instead than starting to laugh hysterically (or use a gallon of pepper spray), politely declines.

Oh! And she also speaks Chinese at some point! I tried to look it up to see if there was any information about it, but I found absolutely nothing. If anyone has any trivia about HOW and WHY she ever learned it, please let me know!

In this incredibly eventful episode, Jessica mixes and matches several items of clothing that we saw before, but I will try my best to speak about the ones we haven’t seen yet.

On her arrival in Seattle, Jessica is wearing a navy (or black) suit with a pleated skirt, embellished by one of her beautiful silk scarves. She seems to be using again the same suit (minus the scarf) at the very end, when leaving the city.
Choosing to wear a pleated skirt means that her outfit is comfortable for the flight, but the suit jacket makes it also look quite elegant.

navy.black suit

Today’s high street shops feature pencil skirts for most of their women’s suits, so to find a set with a similar pleated skirt I had to go vintage.
I found this 1990s wool suit by Etsy seller LyndaTracyAllen, this 1980s navy suit by Etsy seller Leila’sLove, this 1980s crepe jacket suit by Etsy seller BigYellowTaxiVintage, and this 1970s black suit by Etsy seller FashionChic.

Jessica’s scarf has a lovely flower pattern in deep hues of burgundy and almost-purplish blue. Despite having an animal print instead, I really like this scarf available at Nordstrom, but if you prefer to stick with plants I also like this blue floral scarf by Fat Face and this vintage paisley scarf by Etsy seller NewDayRisingVintage. Slightly different in style but still with a similar vibe is this beautiful hand painted blue and red scarf by Etsy artist Klaradar.

Jessica also wear a simple white Oxford shirt, like this poplin one by Zara, and her silver snake chain, that we have already seen in this post.
As a final touch, Jessica wears simple heels, like these navy ones by New Look (also available in black), these pretty dark blue metallic ones now on sale at Debenhams, or these black pumps by Nelly.

My favourite outfit of the episode, however, has to be this beautiful polka dot shirtdress.


There are a lot of pretty polka dot dresses out there, but I really like these two sleeveless chambray shirtdresses, one in a lighter blue by Urban Outfitters and one in a darker hue by Sugarhill Boutique. If you prefer to go vintage, you might like this 1980s long sleeved dress by Etsy seller BirdAndFlowerVintage, this short sleeved vintage linen dress by Etsy seller TheBadTwin, (both complete with matching belt), or this vintage home-sewn dress available at Rusty Zipper.  Even if in a darker blue, I also like this vintage royal blue day dress now on sale by Etsy seller Beggar’sBanquet.

The white blazer is also very easy to find, but my picks are this white jacket by Uniqlo, this blazer by New Look, this beautiful 1980 vintage cream blazer by Etsy seller PaisleyFaceVintage, this classic vintage jacket by Etsy seller alacloth, and this lovely 1970s raw silk jacket by Etsy seller NESTDesignStudio.

Not all the details are clearly visible, but to complete the look, apart from her signature pearl necklace, Jessica wears what seems to be a pair of tan heels, like these classic ones or these simple ones with a pretty heel detail, both available at Debenhams, and a simple rectangular clutch, similar to this classic one available at Top Shop, this snake effect one and this leather one, both available at Debenhams, or this 1980s vintage clutch available at Beyond Retro.


In defence of the pleated skirt.

“Murder, She Wrote” Series 1 – Episode 5
“It’s a Dog’s Life”
(Post 2 of 2)

First things first… to everyone who has taken the time to read my blog or share it with their friends, comment or write to me, I would like to say thank you!
I love Jessica’s style and I am just trying to learn from it, and I feel very lucky to have met so many lovely people through this blog. Once again, thank you everyone for stopping by! : )


There are few items of clothing that can be found across time and cultures as easily as one of my favourites: the pleated skirt.
From Renaissance Italy and Victorian England to China’s traditions and America’s Sixties, this style of skirt is flattering to all body types and easily adaptable to many different fabrics and colours.

And yet, there is a slight stigma connected to it. As this 2006 article pointed out, a pleated skirt is often considered stiff, bossy, too old fashioned or even geeky.

Well, I do believe that pleated skirts are great, and if we needed anyone to champion the versatility and beauty of this style, Jessica is definitely fit for the part.

We already saw Jessica with a grey pleated skirt and a brown pleated skirt, but in this episode we can see her wearing two other very pretty ones.

Jessica wears the same outfit in two different scenes, at the beginning and at the end of the episode: a patterned pleated skirt, her usual light blue shirt (which is such a staple in her wardrobe that I feel as I should not speak about it any longer) and a super cool “bomber” jacket.

pleated skirt 1 copy

I am not sure if this is because I was a teenager in the late 90s, but I never ever imagined myself wearing a bomber jacket: that was something only boys did.
My male classmates all had a black one because it was the cool thing to do, especially when riding to school on a silver moped.
Well, Jessica just made me change my mind. Seeing how pretty she looks pairing this sporty jacket with such a girly skirt makes me want to go out and buy one right now.

Partly proving my point, it has been slightly difficult to find a nice burgundy bomber jacket for women. I found a classic one in the menswear at Asos, and one at TopMan, which I would be happy to wear anyway, but all I could find specifically for women was this jacket at Modcloth, which luckily is incredibly pretty (and also available in brown).

Jessica’s beautiful pleated skirt has a nature-inspired pattern in soft shades of pink. It could be floral, but to me looks almost like a paisley print.
I really like this watermelon skirt available at USC and this vintage pastel pink skirt available at Rokit. Of course Etsy is a gold mine as usual, and I really like this 1970 pastel floral skirt by seller FabVintage, and this vintage Laura Ashley skirt by seller LucyRaeRetro.

The last thing to attract my attention is the horse plaque visible on the wall behind Jessica, and I found something with a similar vibe in this vintage wooden horse by Etsy seller 3sisterstreasures and in this handmade running horse by Etsy artist Peppysis.

The second pleated skirt she wears is a beige one, which probably is the same we saw before, but I picked a couple more, just to be on the safe side!

Jessica pleated skirt 2 copy

I like this skirt available at Oxfam, this 1980s one by Etsy seller BritishVintage and this 1970s one by Etsy seller ShoppeAndYore.

It has been a real challenge to find something similar to the white/cream jacket Jessica is wearing. From close inspection, it seemed made of denim but shaped slightly like a bomber, and to find a denim jacket without front pockets has proved pretty much impossible. Any suggestions are welcome!
In the end, I picked a few pretty white jackets which in my opinion have a similar vibe, like this off white bomber and this white denim, both by Uniqlo, this brocade jacket by Asos and this more sporty vintage denim available at Rokit.

Under the jacket, Jessica wears a simple white shirt, like this one by H&M.

I really love the scarf that Jessica is wearing. It’s a beautiful grey-white-pink combination which works perfectly in adding a touch of colour to an otherwise quite neutral outfit. I found a couple of lovely vintage scarves by iconic scarf designer Vera Neumann with a similar colour pattern: this one by Etsy seller Cottagewear and this one by Etsy seller Lea’sVintageRescue.
I also like this abstract scarf available at House of Fraser and, if you have a bit more money to spare, this two tones one by Farfetch.

I could just about make out the shoes Jessica is wearing and I am convinced they are loafers with a tassel on the tip, like these available at Asos, these cute ones by Accessorize and these by New Look. If you’d rather wear a different colour, I also like these lime and mole by H&M.

If you are wondering whether or not a pleated skirt is for you, my suggestion is to visit your local charity shop or the Oxfam website, where you can be sure to find a great selection of fabrics and colours at very cheap prices. In this way you can have a few to try out in different ways, all whilst supporting a worthy cause.

Jessica smiling