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Capitol Chic

“Murder, She Wrote” Series 1 – Episode 11
“Capitol Offense”
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In this episode, Jessica looks even more stunning than usual, in her role as congresswoman.


The first ensemble she sports at the Capitol is composed of a bright red shirt, like this pretty one by Mango, or this simple one by La Redoute, or – if you want to treat yourself, this short sleeved blouse by Ralph Lauren or this long sleeved one by Hugo Boss.

The bright colour of the blouse is perfectly complemented by her usual string of pearls, like this silver one by John Lewis, this vintage necklace at a bargain price by Etsy seller The Fine Vintage, this freshwater one available at House of Fraser, or, of course, the real deal by Tiffany’s.

Her two piece suit with pleated skirt could well be black, but to me looks more navvy blue, so my choices are still this 1990s wool suit by Etsy seller Lynda Tracy Allen, this 1980s navy suit by Etsy seller Leila’s Love, and this 1980s crepe jacket suit by Etsy seller Big Yellow Taxi Vintage. This vintage 50s suit by Etsy seller Alley Cats Vintage is also totally adorable.

Jessica seems to be wearing brown court shoes, like these simple ones by Kiomi, or maybe these by Bata, or these by Bagatt, matching her trench coat and briefcase, which is similar to this gorgeous vintage Samsonite by Etsy seller The Retro Beehive.


The second day, Jessica looks even more gorgeous in a powder grey ensemble with a splash of brown. (I particularly love the screenshot above!)
It is proving a real challenge to find something similar, but I am working on it!

P.S. Londoners… you know about THIS, right?

PPS. I know it has been a long time… but I haven’t given up on this blog as yet. X

Home is where the Bard is.

“Murder, She Wrote” Series 1 – Episode 11
“Capitol Offense”
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Fashion Tip learned :
If you need to look extra elegant, monochromatic outfits are the way to go, especially if you are choosing the darker shades of your favourite colour.

Life Lesson learned :
If someone patronises you, just politely put them back in their place, all whilst beaming with the friendliest smile you have!


On a side note:  Thank you very much everyone for your patience and all your kind messages! I know I have not written on this blog for ages, but relocating to a new country half way across the world and starting a new job really took up a lot of my time and strength. Thank you again for being so kind to me!! X


When the congressman representing Maine suddenly dies of a heart attack, someone needs to fill his vacant seat in Washington for a short period of time, until a long-term successor is found. Obviously the choice is Jessica, who takes this role very seriously and flies to Washington to serve her country.

I really loved this episode because it kept me guessing the identity of the murderer until the very end. Also, Jessica’s wardrobe is gorgeous: she obviously needs to dress to impress, for her role as congresswoman, and she is absolutely flawless in every scene!

At the beginning of this episode, however, Jessica is still in Cabot Cove, at home, and even if not as glamorous as later on, she still looks lovely wearing a simple brown cable-knit cardigan (the same she wore in Episode 4), over a white shirt, beige trousers and flat brown shoes.


Regarding the cardigan, my choice is this beautiful hand knit Merino wool sweater by Etsy artisan Pilland, or this vintage cardigan on sale at Beyond Retro.

A simple white shirt (like this one by Uniqlo), a pair of beige trousers (like these by La Redoute), and some simple brown loafers (like these classic ones by Office, or these pretty ones available at Urban Outfitters) complete her look.

Every time Jessica’s house is shown, no matter how briefly, I have fun in looking at the décor and trying to find some similar pieces.
The first thing that attracted my attention is the portrait that seems to be of William Shakespeare hanging from her wall.
If you want your very own Bard looking at you enigmatically, you can buy a print from the National Portrait Gallery website, or from Art.com.

On her walls she also has pictures of birds, and I personally like this vintage hand-coloured lithography by Etsy seller Blue Barn Collectibles.

In front of her fireplace, Jessica has a lovely peacock screen, similar to this beautiful art nouveau piece sold by Etsy seller Tatter and Fray.

I am not sure about the kind of phone that Jessica is using, but it looks very similar to this vintage Western Electric Trimiline Rotary Phone, sold by Etsy seller Poor Little Robin.

And when it comes to vintage teacups, Etsy is an Aladdin’s cave of wonders: I love this Delft blue teacup made in Holland and sold by Etsy seller Camp Honeybelle, this Blue Onion design teacup made in England and sold by Etsy seller This Vintage Heart, and this other Dutch Delft teacup by Etsy seller Le Vintage Galleria.

Simplicity is the key to elegance.

“Murder, She Wrote” Series 1 – Episode 2
“Deadly Lady”
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Under her fish cardigan, Jessica wears very simple clothes and jewellery.

Near the beginning of the episode, she is wearing a light blue shirt, what seems to be a white silk scarf underneath, and a silver snake chain around her neck.

Jessica wore blue shirts before  (see this post and this post) but if you think this shirt looks different, you might like this blue single pocket shirt by New Look.

For the scarf, I once again recommend this beautiful one by Etsy seller SWAKcouture or, alternatively, this one available at Forever21.

As per her necklace, she is wearing a very simple and yet really pretty silver snake chain. It’s quite easy to find this necklace style at a very reasonable prices, like this one by Top Shop or this one available at John Lewis.
My preference, however, once again goes to Etsy and to this pretty one by seller CharmTopia, or this lovely one by seller SanAntonioSilver.

As you know, I have fun in looking for the small details, so I searched for a similar glass to the one she is drinking from.
It has a shape that reminds me of a sherry glass, however there is a wine bottle on the table, so I am confused. Any glass-ologist in the room?
In the end I chose these very beautiful vintage silver ringed wine glasses, by Etsy seller LaRouxVintage, which look very similar to the one she is using.

outfit1c A copy2

Jessica completes this outfit with a blue skirt and a pair of flat blue shoes.

outfit1c C copy

I can’t see the shoes properly, as they appear in the episode only for a second, but I am happy enough with these pretty boat shoes by Top Shop, these navy canvas shoes available at Debenhams or these simple navy canvas slip on available at Dorothy Perkins.

The skirt seems to have a bow on the waist, which reveals a wrap-around shape.
Browsing vintage shops, I quickly realised how wrap-around skirts were very popular up to the 70s, so it should be fairly easy for you to find something similar at your local second hand/charity shop.
On Etsy there are plenty of vintage skirts in all possible colours and patterns, but knowing Jessica’s love of denim I picked this lovely 1970s blue skirt by Etsy seller DollyDraper or, for a more romantic take on the same theme, this adorable 1950s full skirt with pockets by Etsy seller KIKIbargains.

Towards the end of the episode, Jessica pairs her fish cardigan with an all-black outfit.
Jessica wears a white shirt, like this one available at only £5 at Matalan, over a really simple and yet elegant black jumper like this one, only £17 at La Redoute. A pair of simple black trousers like these from H&M complete the look.

2 black jumper copy

“Murder, She Wrote” – Opening Theme / Outfit 6/7/8

This is my last warm-up post! From the next one I will start with the series. :)
For the time being… here are the last three outfits I can guess from the opening credits. (Video available here).

Jessica at the shooting range is just adorable and this might be my favourite of her “sporty” outfits.

7First of all, her tortoise shell oversized glasses are just plain cool.
On Etsy I found both a perfect reading glasses version in these beautiful vintage Anne Klein glasses by seller DontUWantMe and a sunglasses version with a very similar vibe in this fabulous vintage Laura Ashley shades by seller Pursuingandie.

For the shirt, I chose this simple light blue Oxford shirt, £22 on sale at Debenhams.

The waistcoat/vest has been harder to find. I can’t really see the details properly, so I am happy enough with these two options: either a pretty vintage beige waistcoat at Rokit, or a more sporty and modern kakhi gilet by Glamorous, at the moment both on sale at less than £20.

And of course, to complete the look: the BANG pistol is a must!


In the last couple of screenshots I can just about make out what she is wearing.


This trench coat is just what you would expect from a murder investigator!
It is a very popular coat, so it is really easy to find plenty of different choices for all pockets.

I decided to mention just a few of them: This second-hand trench on sale at Oxfam, which is not only crazy cheap at £12 but, most importantly, would benefit a good cause, is my pick.
On the high street you can go from £49 at Bhs to £129 at Esprit, and for an alternative somewhere in between, I recommend this vintage Burberry at Rokit now on sale at £108.

Bonus: a handy flashlight for when you snoop around creepy basements at night.

Apart from the glasses, which, as mentioned above, you can buy on Etsy both in a reading glasses and sunglasses version, I can’t really see which earrings she is wearing, but I like to think they might be similar to these stunning  pearl and gold earrings by Etsy designer EldorTinaJewelry.

The blue shirt is the same Oxford shirt mentioned above, and for the lovely boatneck top I choose this red jumper at £8.50 (on sale) at La Redoute.