A side note…

Just a quick side note: I am not dead and neither is this blog!
These last few weeks have just been hectic. First my internet went on strike. Then my 7 years old laptop gave up on me, and last – but definitely not least! – I had to pack my entire life as I followed my better half who has been posted to work in a different country, half way across the world!

Very little chance for fashion research amidst all this, as you can surely imagine, but I am slowly getting back on track, and hopefully the Dell Fairies should deliver my new laptop soon.

Thank you all for your patience and see you very soon!

xx Lau


30 responses to “A side note…

  1. Portia Da Costa

    Glad to hear that you’re okay! :)

    Looking forward to more posts when your life is less hectic.

  2. Thanks for letting us know – I was getting a bit worried! See you when you’re settled.

    • Thank you so much, and I am so sorry for causing any worry! Life just took over for a while, but now I am back! :)) xx

  3. Anna Svahn

    Been wondering! Glad to hear all is well and you are just a busy girl!

    • Thank you!! Life just got busy all of a sudden… hopefully now things have calmed down! :)

  4. Have fun in your new country !

  5. good I was worried can’t wait!

  6. ready when you are! :)

  7. So glad this blog is still alive! I discovered it shortly after the posting stopped. :)

  8. Hope you settle soon and look forward to more posts from you..x

  9. supernova1c

    Hi Lau, this is wishing you all the best. Wow, it has been hectic and a big adventure too. Well done!
    I’ll speak soon so until then take care, you’ll have to tell us the whole story when you’ve got more time. Cheers Lau ;-)

    • Thank you very much James! :) I hope you are well too! I am planning a travel blog to write about my life on this side of the world, hopefully it will be online soon if you are curious! :) All the best :)

  10. I’m still watching my way through Murder She Wrote thanks to you, and I’m hinting around to my daughters that they need to step away from the D!sney Channel and watch with me! Hope your move goes well, and your new laptop folds your laundry for you!

    • Thank you so much!! :) :) My laptop is finally here! It does not fold the laundry and neither makes coffee, though!! I might have to ask my money back… ;)

  11. Just glad to hear that you’re okay – good luck with all that’s happening and I’ll be keeping an eye out for new posts! :)

  12. I’m glad I phone this blog!!! I love “Murder She Wrote”, and I like her style.
    I will continue to read your blog :)

  13. Not so easy for an Norwegian…I’m glad I FOUND this blog :)

  14. Yea, you’re back! I was worried so I’m glad to hear you are OK and it’s just Life that happened :) Looking forward to seeing more of your great posts whenever you’re ready!

  15. Just been linked to this blog and it’s awesome. I’m currently watching this show and love it. Very clever – a lot of interesting social history there – especially the transformation into information technology and nicely acted.

    Best of luck with your move and the new country.


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