Quick update on the Fish Cardigan!

I don’t usually manage to post more than once in one week, but this is just a very quick update on one of Jessica’s outfits which is an all-time favourite of mine: a very excited friend just told me that Mary Maxim discovered one of my old blog posts featuring one of their cardigans (see the original post here if you have not read it the first time around) and posted on Facebook that they still have that original pattern available for purchase!

1d fish2

So, if you are looking to knit one of these cardigans yourself, they wrote on their page that you can now “call 1-800-962-9504 and ask for pattern number 414. They will pull it from our archives for you and get you taken care of.”

How fantastic!! I think this is definitely going to go on my birthday wishlist!

(Source: Mary Maxim Facebook page).


24 responses to “Quick update on the Fish Cardigan!

  1. That is awesome. Thanks up the update!

  2. Wow, that’s so cool! Congrats!

  3. Oh, that’s fantastic! Thanks for sharing the info!

  4. that’s amazing! I have a feeling my husband would love that sweater :)

  5. I really look forward to you writing about antother cardigan of Jessica’s, one that says “Home Sweet Home”. I think it is so lovely!!!

  6. Oh can’t believe I have found you. I thought I was the only one who coveted Jessica’s closet!! Love

  7. supernova1c

    Hi Lau, how are you? Hope you are OK.
    These cardigans remind me of my grandma as she used to make all my jumpers and cardigans until I was about 15.years old. As I look at them, I can see the similarities in the chunkier style ‘knit’ (my grandma always knitted by hand) and the style is very similar.
    I think the red one would be my choice and it is appropriate as I used to be a fisherman ha ha!
    Cheers Lau and take care, James :-)

    • Hi James! Yes, I am fine, thank you very much, just having massive internet problems. I hope to manage to upload my latest post later today, finger crossed. How interesting that you used to be a fisherman! I love this cardigan too, my mum was an avid knitter but unfortunately I am useless at it!! :)

  8. A friend got the pattern and is knitting one for me–the red version! Can’t wait!

  9. Oh my gosh thank you for this! I am going to order this pattern ASAP!!!!! I was thinking of knitting a sweater vest of hers but this is too perfect to pass up and I’ll do the sweater vest later! haha!

    • This is great!! Please send me some photos when you are done, I would love to see them!! :) :)

  10. Just discovered your blog yesterday. What great fun! I was browsing and reading and got more and more excited and then I saw this one on the Fish Cardigan. I love knitting and I just had to have that pattern.
    So I searched the Mary Maxim website and found and bought the pattern! The original one.
    It’s item no. PDL1814

    Best wishes from another Jessica Fletcher fan
    The Netherlands

    • Hello Anita, thank you so much!! I am very happy you bought the pattern. Please send me a photo when you are done with it, I would love to see it!! :)

  11. The project of the knitted fish cardigan will have to wait a while. For now I am working on a 365day project: trying to write a murder mystery. In my story two Murder, She Wrote fans go on a vacation to the house in the series. A bed and breakfast in real life. Then one of the guests dies.
    I am writing my manuscript online on my blog, but it is mainly in Dutch….

    But, when I’m done I know what I’ll do next :-)

    • Sounds fantastic! I hope you will consider an English version of your murder mystery novel once you have finished it! (And I hope to get a copy!) :)

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