Jessica as Adidas spokesperson? Yes please!

“Murder, She Wrote” Series 1 – Episode 7
“Hit, Run and Homicide”
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Hello everyone! Thank you for your patience and kindness! I will try my best not to miss a post again! :)

So… it might seem like an odd question… but do you know what Justin Bieber and Jessica Fletcher have in common?
One of my friends cheekily said ‘the haircut’, but I will ignore her outrageous suggestion!!

The right answer is… they both wear Adidas trainers!

Actually, if I am not mistaken, Mr. Bieber is the official spokesperson for Adidas at the moment. I tried to look up on the internet if Adidas ever officially enlisted Jessica in any capacity, but apparently they didn’t. What a pity!
Oh well, their loss, totally.

I had to pause my DVD several times to get a couple of half-decent screenshots, as Jessica’s shoes are mainly visible whilst she is running up a couple of steps, but I hope my images are good enough to throw Adidas into the deepest pit of despair upon realising what a great sponsoring chance they have missed on.

On the other hand, at the moment it does not really matter whether you are real or fictional, young or old, alive or dead: the boundaries of advertising are pretty flexible (has anyone asked Audrey Hepburn how she keeps her figure whilst munching on so much chocolate?) hence I don’t really see the problem in getting Jessica to run after a murder suspect in a pair of spanking new trainers! I bet their sales would soar in no time.

Jessica Fletcher as Adidas 2013 spokesperson? It would be awesome and I think I should probably start a petition about it. What do you think?

02 jess.adidas

Jessica’s white and blue Adidas trainers are quite a classic. You can get something very similar on Spartoo, at NikeClassic or even on this website which I am not really sure what is called!

To complete her sporty outfit, Jessica wears a white jumper over a denim shirt and a pair of cozy deep blue trousers (that don’t look like jeans to me, but I could be mistaken).

02 white jumper copy

Raise your hand if you would like Jessica to show up at your house with a pie!!
I know I certainly would. :) I think this classic knitted jumper by French Connection and this Jane Norman ‘slouchy tube cable jumper’ available at House of Fraser are really pretty. If you want something more modern, this mix knit jumper by Top Shop could be also a lovely choice!

A good denim shirt should be a staple in every wardrobe. You can get yours pretty much anywhere, such as, for instance, at H&M, at or – of course! – at Uniqlo.

I am convinced that in these screenshots Jessica is wearing the very same blue trouser I wrote about in this post, hence my choices are still these Bench trousers and these comfy chinos.

Later in the episode, Jessica sports another similar ensemble, with a jumper over a shirt, but this time all in grey.

02 grey ensemble copy

I like this cosy unisex oatmeal jumper available at Woolovers and this pretty crew neck jumper available at Superdry, which she wears over a basic grey shirt like this one or this one, both available at Yoox.

Over her lovely floral pleated skirt, the same she wore in this past episode, she wears a tan belt, and my picks are this thin one (now on sale at less than £4!) available at House of Fraser, and this regular one available at Uniqlo.

I decided to group together three very pretty outfits that Jessica wears in this episode because I think they are all fairly similar: a smart shirt (with or without a cardigan over it) and a silk scarf worn like a tie.

01 scarves copy

The first outfit is composed by a long red cardigan, similar to this one by Woolovers, a white shirt, like this one by Zara, and an original silk scarf with a mix of dots and stripes. On a similar vibe I found this gorgeous vintage Diane Von Furstenberg scarf on Etsy by seller Evee’s Closet, or this simpler and yet really nice stripey scarf by Mishumo.

The next outfit is quite similar but with inverted colours. The same long blue Woolover cardigan is available in many different colours, and of course also in navy blue. Under it, Jessica wears a light blue shirt, like this simple one by Zara, and a red scarf with blue dots, so I picked this pretty classic vintage scarf by Etsy seller DesignT and this lovely hand dyed red silk scarf by Etsy seller KMSilks. Even if quite different, I also like this pretty long scarf by Etsy seller JoLindsDesigns.

The last outfit is a classic stiped blue shirt with a white belt (a look we have seen on Jessica many times, such as in this episode). I picked one more shirt as this 1960s vintage one by Etsy seller Socialiste was too pretty not to mention.
Her red scarf has a white pattern, so I chose this pretty vintage red and white ‘brushstroke’ scarf by Etsy seller Two Geeks Antiques, and this lovely red mid-century scarf by Etsy seller The Vintage Baker.

Lastly, here is a screenshot I really like: Jessica’s stunning smile.

beautiful smile


21 responses to “Jessica as Adidas spokesperson? Yes please!

  1. I love your blog! Would you ever consider doing other characters from the show? I am a man and I would love tips on how I could achieve a Grady Fletcher look. He’s hot. :)

    Keep up the excellent work!

    • Thank you so much for such nice comment!! I never really thought about it but you are right, it is a great idea: let me gather a bit of material and I promise I will make a ‘Grady Special’ post at some point in the future! :) :)

      • If you do expand, it would be awesome to see a post devoted to villainous ladies, too. I always get such a kick out of starting to watch an episode and knowing right away when someone is clearly a bad girl because of her extreme shoulder pads or too-tight skirt :-)

        • Ha! I totally know what you mean!! It is such a great idea too, definitely it is something I will try and look into, thank you!! :) :)

  2. Ha! You always make me want to go shopping! Great outfits. :o)

  3. Now I desperately want a pair of Adidas and a jean shirt!

  4. I would sign your petition to Adidas ;). Great fun post! I am always impressed with the amount of work you put it into your blog. Hope you enjoy putting it together as much as I enjoy reading it :)

    • Thank you so much, you are always too kind!! X It’s really fun indeed, I just wish I had more time to do more research!! :)

  5. I love this blog so much! Every week I try to convince my husband that Jessica is my Style Patronus, and every week he threatens to cut off my internet. Keep writing and we can wear him down!!

    • Haha! :D My boyfriend is the same, but I am sure we can have the last word!! Thank you so much for reading! :) :)

  6. Oh Jessica, so classic. I love the adidas trainers, those will never go out of style. And denim shirts, my faves! Great post!

  7. Miss Alexandrina

    Yes! I’d never noticed the trainers much before, but I will now be keeping a firmer eye on the sorts of outfits Jessica wears!

  8. I loved this show so much when it was on. Now that I follow your blog I’m re-watching the entire series in order on Netflix. I’m so addicted. Angela Landsbury is beyond amazing. Thank you for reminding me of this series. I just watched an episode where she plays opposite Len Cariou – no words for how wonderful that was. No words.

    Also, I agree with the above folks about a special post or two on other characters’ fashions – the show is so much fun, and everyone is so stylized.

    • Thank you very much, I am addicted too, it’s such a wonderful series! I would love to blog about other characters, let’s hope I will manage to!! :)

  9. Oh, that screen shot with her smiling…it really is stunning, isn’t it.

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