No post this week! Sorry :(

Dear friends, I am so sorry but this week I had/still have! several (important) personal deadlines hence I did not manage to finish my blog post. I will try to write a longer post next week to make up for it. Sorry!

For the time being…  a quick heads up to my fellow Londoners: you might be interested in the Design of the Year 2013 exhibition at the Design Museum, where a small piece featuring our beloved Angela Lansbury is now on display.

The Gentlewoman #6

This is a black and white version of a photo originally taken by Terry Richardson and it was nominated in the ‘Graphics’ category as edited by Veronica Ditting & Jop van Bennekom for the cover of the magazine The Gentlewoman.

I don’t live far from this museum so I just dropped by on my way to work.
The exhibition is very interesting, featuring all sort of original and fun designs, from the super-cute Berg little printer to the olympic torch and cauldron, and everything in between (fashion, architecture, art, furniture, computers, pottery, bycicles… you name it!)
It is not a huge room but I found that it takes a good while to watch every piece on display and read all about it, and I definitely wish I had more time to enjoy it.

I must specify that the magazine featuring Jessica… pardon, Angela Lansbury, is lovely but it is only on display on a table as a design item so you are not allowed to touch it. (Below is the photo I took with my phone).


Tickets include entry to all current exhibitions in the museum:
£11.85 adult – £10.70 concession
£7.50 student  – Free to members, free for under 12’s

If you plan to go only because of Angela (like I did!) you have to be aware that unfortunately the copies of this magazine are now sold out at the museum’s bookshop, and the image is only featured inside a small exhibition catalogue (in A5 format and on sale at £6).
BUT if you have still to visit the Design Museum (which is lovely) and maybe fancy having a stroll and a bite on our beautiful Thames, well, this is the perfect excuse for an excursion on this side of the river.

And if you really want a copy of The Gentlewoman and money is not an issue, you can buy your copy on Ebay.
I also emailed the magazine (which, by the way, looks absolutely fabulous) asking if there is any other way to purchase copies, so I will update this post if/when they will reply!

See you next week! :)
Lau x


8 responses to “No post this week! Sorry :(

  1. Wish I were in London so I could go to the museum! Hope you meet all your deadlines :)

  2. See you next week, Lau :-)

  3. Good luck with the deadlines! Will wait for the the next post (that pic of Angela is just priceless btw!) xx

    • Thank you very much Jay! I love that pic too… I would love to find a print version to frame but so far I had no luck! :) xx

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