Dinner Party at Jessica’s house.

“Murder, She Wrote” Series 1 – Episode 7
“Hit, Run and Homicide”
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Fashion Tip learned :
If carrying a jumper with you, but not ready to wear it just yet, tieing it around your shoulders is a way to still include it in your outfit, and looks way better than having it around your waist or stuffing it into your bag!

Life Lesson learned :
Helping a friend in distress is a good thing, but being able to do so whilst making them feel that they made it on their own is even better!


It’s hard to imagine a more interesting dinner party than one where, after feasting on lovely home made food, you get to discuss murder theories over a cup of coffee. And who better than Jessica can organise such an evening?

On a side note, apparently someone thought about putting together a Murder, She Wrote Cookbook with recipes written by cast and crew! Now, this is something that will definitely be on my Christmas wishlist!

In this episode, Jessica has to deal with a car that seems to have a mind of its own (and a criminal one at that) as it can’t help but going around running over defenceless businessmen. Throw in the mix a quirky inventor, a car chase worthy of a Bond movie and Jessica playing arcade games and you will have the perfect recipe for a really fun and original episode!

01 barbecue copy

When invited to her friend’s barbecue, Jessica wears a lovely blue button down skirt, like this one by Etsy seller milkandbread, or this one by Etsy seller UkiDukiVintage.

She completes her simple and yet really pretty look with a blue cable knit jumper, exactly like this one by Woolovers, and  a simple white shirt, like this poplin one available at Zara.

To receive her friends for an informal dinner, Jessica is wearing a lovely pink pin-stiped dress and one of her beautiful scarves.
Of course I could not miss the chance to have also a bit of fun trying to find some of Jessica’s home decor as visible in these scenes.

01 jess dinner party 2b copy

Jessica is wearing a beautiful silk scarf decorated with what looks like pink flowers on a blue background.
I personally think that Oxfam is  great place where to get your accessories, especially scarves. You will sponsor a great cause whilst stocking up on your favourites, such as this lovely handwoven Indian silk scarf.
I also like this floral scarf by Liberty, this one from H&M, this one by UniqLo, this one available at Zalando, and this luxury silk chiffon one available at Boticca, because I think they all have a similar vibe.

I am convinced that Jessica would totally shop at UniqLo. The amount of clothes that I can find in that store that somehow remind me of her style is just unbelievable. This pin-striped dress is not an exception, even though it is available in blue or grey instead of the pink. Truth is, though, that what makes this dress is the collar detail on it, so I tried to find something a bit different that could echo this, like for instance this beautiful 1960s shirtdress by Etsy seller ZestVintage, or this lovely 1950s dress by Etsy seller dandydigs. Keeping it simple, though, I also like this pretty ‘peach parfait’ dress by ModCloth.

Is that a photo frame with a picture of Jessica and Frank, in the foreground of the first screenshot? Hard to tell, but I like to think so. You can recreate a similar feel with this art nouveau photo frame by Etsy seller sexytrashvintage, or this vintage Italian frame by Etsy seller Italianmemories.

On Jessica’s table we can see some brass candlesticks, similar to this set by Etsy seller RestyledByValerie, or this set by Etsy seller MilkasTreasures.
On a similar vibe is this pretty metal pillar candle holder, available at – probably my all time favourite home decoration shop – Nordic House.
The candlestick on the mantel piece is slightly different, and I like this 19th century one by Etsy seller AbbysTreasures and this set of two by Etsy seller tracinicole.

Speking of lights, I really like the wooden chandelier hanging over Jessica’s dining table. I found a similar one on the website of country living boutique Maisie K, or a very cool more modern version by Etsy designer REGOllc.

teacup bust lamp

Jessica is drinking tea (or coffee?) from a lovely floral cup with gold edging.
I can’t stress enough how much I adore vintage teacups, and when it comes to online resources, Etsy is a gold mine as always.
My vintage picks are these lovely Japanese teacups by seller mstookesmuzes, this pretty mid-century Imperial China set by seller Moonlightdecorator, and this lovely English fine bone China set by seller dscg610775.

Something that attracted my attention, despite being most of the time out of focus, is the golden bust behind Jessica. Of course it is impossible to see who or what it is depicting, but I like to think it might be something similar to this elegant Abraham Lincoln bust by Etsy seller TheVintageTreehouse, or this whimsical Johann Sebastian Bach upcycled bust by Etsy seller embeehat, or this delightful mid century child bust by Etsy seller 4envisioningvintage.

I have also noticed the beautiful green lamp visible in the living room (you can see it a bit better in one of the first screenshots, earlier in this post).
It looks like a double arm ‘student’ lamp, quite similar to this brass desk lamp available now on Ebay, or this lamp shade available by this Washington-based lampshade maker website. Sold by Etsy seller Mamadadoo, I also found these two stunning separate vintage parlor lamps.


6 responses to “Dinner Party at Jessica’s house.

  1. Many Cha Cha Michelle

    You are so thorough, as always! I also like her female guest’s billowy dress…

  2. Another fun post! Is that Van Johnson I see up above? He survives this episode I hope. I already have the brass candlesticks, I collect vintage tea cups and I have a single arm green lamp in our music room. I should pick up the Bach bust and Jessica would feel right at home. :)

    • Thank you so much! :) I am sure she would! Please make a post about your vintage tea cups collection, I would love to see them! :) And yes, it is Van Johnson and *SPOILER ALERT* he survives and even finds love! :D xx

  3. I am officialy hooked well done I’m am so excited to find someone who pays such a wonderful tribute to Murderer she wrote . it is my hands down fav show I own all 12 Dvd seasons.
    now I need the COOKBOOK! Lol didn’t even know about it. Well done :)

    • Thank you very much for reading and your kind words! And yes, the cookbook is something I hope to get for Christmas :) (even though I will definitely go for a second hand copy as the new ones cost too much!!) :)

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