Matching blues.

“Murder, She Wrote” Series 1 – Episode 6
“Lovers and Other Killers”
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To investigate around on a windy day, Jessica chooses a blue ribbed jumper over a pair of matching blue trousers.

blue set2

I really like this outfit, so I had fun in pairing up jumpers and trousers from different shops trying to match them up by the closest shade of blue.
I ended up with five different sets which can be worn, as Jessica does, with a classic shirt.

Starting from the top of the image, this royal blue bodycon ribbed jumper available at M&Co fits nicely with this pair of linen trousers by La Redoute, whilst this gorgeous pair of light blue Benetton trousers (now on sale at half price) could be worn with this metallic yarn jumper by SimplyBe.
I also paired this fabulous pair of ankle cropped Jaeger linen blend trousers (on sale at the moment for a third of their original price!) with this rib knit acrylic jumper by Nelly, whilst this other turquoise sweater, again available at Nelly, looks nice with these lovely linen wide leg trousers by M&S.
Last, my favourite pair: these stunning light indigo wide leg Michael Kors trousers seem to be destined to be worn with this knitted jumper by Top Shop.

Jessica’s shirt seems to have a pattern of pale yellow stripes.
Once again, the buttons are on the ‘wrong’ side, so I could assume it’s one of Frank’s shirts, like this vintage men’s cotton shirt by Etsy seller StyleStash.
Alternatively, I also found this lovely vintage lemon blouse by seller BonMarcheCouture, and this pretty vintage striped blouse by seller BoBoVintage.

When it comes to dressing gowns, Jessica has quite a few in her closet. In this episode, she wears again her white one (see this post) and also another brown one, over what seems to be pink pyjamas.

nightgown copy

I suppose brown with pink finishing is no longer a favourite colour combination for robes and dressing gowns, because I found pretty much any other colour but the ones Jessica is wearing! I did find a brand of luxury sleepwear called Derek Rose which makes similar dressing gowns (mostly for men), but I could not find any vintage piece to connect them to Jessica.

If you really want a brown dressing gown, after extensive research all I could find (apart from Jedi robes) is this clay robe available at Bhs. However, in different colours but somehow in a similar style, I found  this lovely 1940s blue housecoat by Etsy seller libbysfabric and this cute grey short robe available at Nordstrom.

We can’t see much of the pyjamas that Jessica is wearing, apart from the pink collar, but I like to think that it might have been something as cute as this lovely retro cotton pyjamas by ModCloth! I also like this simple summer pyjamas available at Littlewoods. If you would rather wear a short trousers version, this ‘shortie’ pyjamas available at Nordstrom is also incredibly pretty.



12 responses to “Matching blues.

  1. Another great post. After viewing this blog I have come to the conclusion that I really need to spiff up my sleepwear wardrobe.

    • Thank you!! :) :) And I totally agree with you, haha, at the moment I don’t own ANY dressing gown at all!! :(

  2. Really fun, Laura! And thanks for including my 1940s housecoat … it is definitely Jessica-esque!!!

  3. Wonderful as always. Jessica even had classy night clothes!

    • Thank you very much Stephanie! I am always very happy when I read your lovely comments, thank you! And yes, Jessica’s nightwear wardrobe is quite something…! :)

  4. Incredible attention to detail as ever. I need a dressing gown too – must rectify that!! x

    • Aw, thank you so so much Jay!! x I always worry that I did not find close-enough matches, so I am really happy and relieved if you think so!! :) :)

  5. This is awesome!!! I love everything JB Fletcher
    I always loved the peach. Chiffon dress she wore
    in the episode were she went to an Island to help…wait let me check the Dvd for episode name
    I cant find it but any way she poses as a rich widow or something great clothes good luck
    this is really wonderful :)

    • Thank you very much! I hope to get soon to the episode you mention and to find a suitable chiffon dress to match Jessica’s!

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