Suit and polka dots.

“Murder, She Wrote” Series 1 – Episode 6
“Lovers and Other Killers”
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Fashion Tip learned :
Dressing comfortably when travelling does not necessarily require you to compromise on elegance.

Life Lesson learned :
If someone asks you to meet late at night in an empty office/back alley/depot, just give it a miss. If you really must go, at least bring a friend.

In this episode Jessica goes to Seattle University to do a series of lectures about murder mystery writing. The very young, overly pushy and slightly annoying David gets a job as her personal secretary. Chaos ensues. Jessica nearly gets killed. David tries to seduce her but Jessica, as the lady she is, instead than starting to laugh hysterically (or use a gallon of pepper spray), politely declines.

Oh! And she also speaks Chinese at some point! I tried to look it up to see if there was any information about it, but I found absolutely nothing. If anyone has any trivia about HOW and WHY she ever learned it, please let me know!

In this incredibly eventful episode, Jessica mixes and matches several items of clothing that we saw before, but I will try my best to speak about the ones we haven’t seen yet.

On her arrival in Seattle, Jessica is wearing a navy (or black) suit with a pleated skirt, embellished by one of her beautiful silk scarves. She seems to be using again the same suit (minus the scarf) at the very end, when leaving the city.
Choosing to wear a pleated skirt means that her outfit is comfortable for the flight, but the suit jacket makes it also look quite elegant. suit

Today’s high street shops feature pencil skirts for most of their women’s suits, so to find a set with a similar pleated skirt I had to go vintage.
I found this 1990s wool suit by Etsy seller LyndaTracyAllen, this 1980s navy suit by Etsy seller Leila’sLove, this 1980s crepe jacket suit by Etsy seller BigYellowTaxiVintage, and this 1970s black suit by Etsy seller FashionChic.

Jessica’s scarf has a lovely flower pattern in deep hues of burgundy and almost-purplish blue. Despite having an animal print instead, I really like this scarf available at Nordstrom, but if you prefer to stick with plants I also like this blue floral scarf by Fat Face and this vintage paisley scarf by Etsy seller NewDayRisingVintage. Slightly different in style but still with a similar vibe is this beautiful hand painted blue and red scarf by Etsy artist Klaradar.

Jessica also wear a simple white Oxford shirt, like this poplin one by Zara, and her silver snake chain, that we have already seen in this post.
As a final touch, Jessica wears simple heels, like these navy ones by New Look (also available in black), these pretty dark blue metallic ones now on sale at Debenhams, or these black pumps by Nelly.

My favourite outfit of the episode, however, has to be this beautiful polka dot shirtdress.


There are a lot of pretty polka dot dresses out there, but I really like these two sleeveless chambray shirtdresses, one in a lighter blue by Urban Outfitters and one in a darker hue by Sugarhill Boutique. If you prefer to go vintage, you might like this 1980s long sleeved dress by Etsy seller BirdAndFlowerVintage, this short sleeved vintage linen dress by Etsy seller TheBadTwin, (both complete with matching belt), or this vintage home-sewn dress available at Rusty Zipper.  Even if in a darker blue, I also like this vintage royal blue day dress now on sale by Etsy seller Beggar’sBanquet.

The white blazer is also very easy to find, but my picks are this white jacket by Uniqlo, this blazer by New Look, this beautiful 1980 vintage cream blazer by Etsy seller PaisleyFaceVintage, this classic vintage jacket by Etsy seller alacloth, and this lovely 1970s raw silk jacket by Etsy seller NESTDesignStudio.

Not all the details are clearly visible, but to complete the look, apart from her signature pearl necklace, Jessica wears what seems to be a pair of tan heels, like these classic ones or these simple ones with a pretty heel detail, both available at Debenhams, and a simple rectangular clutch, similar to this classic one available at Top Shop, this snake effect one and this leather one, both available at Debenhams, or this 1980s vintage clutch available at Beyond Retro.


10 responses to “Suit and polka dots.

  1. I can’t recall info about her learning Chinese, but I’m sure she would say “I learned it while researching for one of my books”, typical Jessica! :)

  2. Many Cha Cha Michelle

    I love your blog and you are starting to influence me. This morning I actually held a pleated skirt against myself in a shop thinking: “I wonder if I could pull this off?”. The answer is no, never could. But love the polka dot dress here!

    • Haha! ;D Thank you so much! And who knows, maybe next time you will try it on! ;)) I love the polka dot dress too, I am waiting for warmer weather to wear one myself! :)

  3. Fantastic! Would you mind if I shared this post/reblogged this on my blog? I love the Seattle connection and polka dots…..

  4. I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award! Congratulations!

  5. Awesome blog! I just love Jessica’s style, thank you so much for doing this!

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