Jessica’s riding grace.

“Murder, She Wrote” Series 1 – Episode 5
“It’s a Dog’s Life”
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Fashion Tip learned :
If surrounded by people who could possibly make you feel uncomfortable, choosing to stand out from the crowd could be the best decision.

Life Lesson learned :
Beware of those who have something to gain by helping you out of a difficult situation.

… A very late update, I know. I am so sorry: life keeps getting in the way!
I tried to keep the updates on a Wednesday but it has just become the busiest day of my week, hence it will have to be Thursday from now on!

In this episode Jessica is surrounded by millionaires whilst visiting an estate where her horse-training cousin Abigail is currently employed.
This results in Jessica riding a number of horses – or, to be specific, Jessica’s stunt double doing so. It is so obvious that it is not actually her riding that it is almost painful to watch! Nonetheless, Jessica looks totally flawless in her riding attire and this is what matters the most!

Unfortunately, if there is something I know there is no way I am ever going to wear, it is a horse-riding outfit. I tried riding a horse once and I kept looking for the seatbelt the whole way. I am afraid, but I am definitely too bad at it!

During the opening scene of the episode, whilst everyone wear red or black outfits, Jessica is the only one who goes for a fabulous beige ensemble.
I actually had good fun in looking through specialised websites and trying to understand all the terminology connected to horse riding.

horse1 copy 2

Whilst everyone else around her is wearing “formal attire” for fox hunters (thank you Carol!) Jessica chooses a way more affordable tweed blazer, like this lovely one sold by Etsy seller FarmsteadVintage or this one available at Zalando.

She accessorizes it with a beautiful white scarf, like this silk scarf by Etsy seller TotallyScarves, and with a lovely jeweled bar brooch.
On Etsy you can find plenty of gorgeous bar brooches, but my personal favourites are this small victorian pin by Etsy seller GrandVintageFinery, this vintage silver pin by Etsy seller TrappedInTheAttic, this vintage goldtone brooch by Etsy seller FindsInTheAttic and this antique 10K gold blue sapphire and pearl brooch by Etsy seller BunnyTrunk’sShow.

These last few days, I have learned that there are several different riding trousers with nearly unpronounceable names such as breeches or jodhpurs. Jessica’s trousers have the ‘puffiness’ of the jodhpurs (even though it is not really visible in these screenshots) but they could easily be considered plain, normal trousers, so I picked these vintage jodhpurs available by Etsy seller Nanometer, and these riding trousers available at Equestrian Clearance.

Another piece of essential equipment are the riding gloves. Jessica chooses to wear a pair in a light hue of brown, similar to these available at Equestrian Clearance or these available at Millbry Hill.

If there is something that I know I look totally ridiculous with, it is – without any doubt – the riding hat. But of course Jessica looks fabulous wearing it. If you want to match her look, you can buy your very own on Ebay or on Ride Away.

Last but not least, you can find pretty riding boots quite easily, but I like these brown ones available at Mm Direct and these two tones by Littlewoods.

Later in the episode, Jessica rides another horse to snoop on a neighbour (which is not best pleased, as you can guess by the rifle!)

horse2 copy

This time she is wearing a much more casual outfit. We also get to see for the first time Jessica wearing socks! Brown socks, specifically, like these anklets available at – possibly the best socks shop on the internet – Sock Dreams.

Over her usual light blue shirt, which we have seen her wearing a bazillion times already (see the inventory if you want more details), she wears a red rainjacket.
There are a lot of pretty vintage options, like this zip up jacket by Etsy seller no12pennylane, this vermilion rainjacket by Etsy seller TheThirdCoast, and this 1970s red windbreaker by Etsy seller CharleensCloset.

At Jessica’s feet we can see very simple brown laced up Oxford shoes, similar to these available on Amazon or these by Office.

Her blue trousers look very comfy, like these Bench ones available at House of Fraser or these blue chinos at Zalando.



17 responses to “Jessica’s riding grace.

  1. I remember this episode! Obviously one of my favorites because I do ride…not that well, but boy do I have fun. Love the post.

    • Thank you so much! I hope my attempt at understanding the world of riding clothes was at least acceptable!!

  2. Hi Lau, great blog. I too have many comfortable and happy memories of Murder She Wrote. I’m very pleased to make your acquaintance, thank you for dropping by and following my blog. My best wishes to you, James :-)

    • Hello James, thank you very much for your kind words and follow! Your blog is very interesting and I look forward to read more of it. Over Easter I was in Birmingham and I visited the exhibition about the Staffordshire Hoard, which was really impressive! All my best wishes to you too! :)

      • Thank you Lau your very kind. Wow, seeing the Staffordshire Hoard is something I have yet to do, that’s great stuff. If only I could find something like that! Incredible! Take care, James :-)

  3. Very Classy !!!

  4. Thank You for liking my Paintings !! *Cynthia

  5. Did you see where your blog was mentioned and link shared on one of the Murder She Wrote Facebook pages? The Definitive Guide to Murder, She Wrote.

    • Thank you so much Stephanie!! I had seen a number of views from facebook but I had no way to find out exactly from where! You put me out of my misery, haha, I was dying of curiosity!! Wow, I am so flattered that they thought about mentioning me!! Thank you for letting me know! X

  6. I adore Jessica Fletcher, and this is an awesome blog.

  7. Carol Lobdell

    FYI: Everyone in the opening scene is wearing black or red because they are fox hunters. They are not wearing “show jackets” or “competition jackets,” they are wearing what’s known as “formal attire” for fox hunters: either black (navy is also acceptable in most hunts) or red coats, with the white stock tie shirt and usually either buff or white britches. There are other wardrobe protocols, but those are the basics for the “formal” hunt season. Jessica, while she looks lovely in her beige riding togs, is actually not dressed correctly. It is not a matter of “choosing to stand out in the crowd.” Hunting attire is part of the tradition (and fun) of fox hunting. It’s designed to be practical and comfortable in the field.

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