Pearls and lobsters.

“Murder, She Wrote” Series 1 – Episode 3
“Birds of a Feather”
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Fashion Tip learned :
Sometimes a beautiful scarf around your neck or shoulders can look way better than any piece of jewellery.

Life Lesson learned :
Never judge anything by its appearance! Unless you are choosing lobsters in a restaurant.

jessica lobster

In this episode, Jessica goes to San Francisco to meet her niece Victoria which is about to get married. They go out for dinner and Jessica is wearing a total black outfit which I find incredibly elegant and yet very simple to put together.

pearls and lobsters1

Jessica wears a white shirt, with a beautiful white scarf, probably made of satin, judging from its shiny look. We already saw Jessica wearing a white shirt, such as this one by H&M, many times, but what really transforms the look from simple to elegant is the scarf, like this vintage one by Etsy seller Totally Scarves.

Of course she is also wearing her iconic tortoise shell glasses, like these beautiful vintage Anne Klein glasses, from Etsy seller DontUWantMe.

She also wears a beautiful long pearl necklace around her neck.
Real pearls can be very expensive, but of course you can go for more affordable copies, like this pretty faux single pearl necklace at John Lewis or this beautiful 1950s simulated pearl necklace from Etsy seller DollyTopsyVintage.
If you have more money to spare, you can go for a freshwater pearls necklace, like this pretty one available at House of Fraser, or, of course, there is always the real deal, like this gorgeous necklace by Tiffany & Co.

She also wears a black v-neck cardigan and a black pencil skirt. There are so many of these items around that I almost feel like it is superflous for me to make a choice, but I like this simple cardigan by Mango and this very pretty one, wich seems to have a very flattering cut, available at Tilly’s. And for the skirt, I like the shape of this one by Warehouse and this one, available at House of Fraser.

The final touches to this elegant outfit are black heels and a black handbag.

black heels and bag

Black heels are once again very easy to find. My picks are these leather ones from New Look, these court shoes by H&M, these black toe cap heels available at Dorothy Perkins, or, for a more modern approach, these gorgeous faux leather heels available at Debenhams.

I could not see the bag properly, but a small evening bag is a staple in any wardrobe. My picks are this clutch by H&M, this faux leather bag by Forever21, this quirky 1960s vintage bag available at Beyond Retro, this pretty leather bag  and this gorgeous medium leather bag, both available at Yoox.

After all sorts of murderous setbacks, the wedding takes place, and Jessica wears a cute stripey dress with nude court shoes and clutch, which is just the perfect outfit for an informal and yet important family event.

wedding copy

For the dress, my suggestion is to go vintage, where you will find plenty of “shirt-dresses” with a similar vibe. I found this one with 3/4 lenght sleeves at Beyond Retro, this pretty one with short sleeves by Etsy seller ElevenTwentyEight, and this lovely one with long sleeves by Etsy seller BigYellowTaxiVintage.

Jessica’s shoes could be similar to these court shoes available at Top Shop, or these ones at Bhs, but I also like these toe cap mid court by Dorothy Perkins and these stiletto heels available at Marks and Spencer.

Her clutch seems to have some sort of geometrical vibe, so I chose this blush piped clutch by Dorothy Perkins, this asymetric zip clutch by Warehouse and this textured clutch by Aldo.

As per her jewellery, Jessica wears again her pearl necklace (see above) together with a red freshwater pearls necklace. Funnily enough, my grandmother had an identical necklace which she gave me, so I was happy to see it also on Jessica!
I bet you can find plenty of similar-looking ones at your nearest vintage/charity shop. I had a look at Oxfam and found really a lot of pretty and really cheap ones, like this one at only £5, and this one at only £4.

She is also wearing a pair of simple pearl stud earrings. Again, if you want to get real pearls you might end up spending quite a lot, but there are plenty of affordable options on the high street, like this very pretty pair, available at Nordstrom in both white and taupe colours.

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  1. Wonderful blog and so beautifully laid out. I can see a lot of time and care went into choosing the right pieces. I’m thrilled one of my dresses has been included. Thank you!

    • Thank you so much for your very kind words and for letting me use your beautiful dress!! :)

  2. Wonderful!

  3. Great post thanks for sharing.wonderful

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