Raincoat and Nightgown.

“Murder, She Wrote” Series 1 – Episode 2
“Deadly Lady”
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In this episode, Jessica wears a very bright jacket whilst helping Sheriff Tupper investigate on Cabot Cove’s beach.

raincoat copy

Yellow is a very popular colour for rainwear and sportswear in general, so there are many options available. I chose this softshell jacket and this sport jacket, both by McKinley, and this PVC Raincoat at Sierra Trading Post despite all three being considered “menswear” because I really like them and I think most outdoor jackets look pretty much the same, despite the labeled gender.

Under the jacket, Jessica once again wears a pair of jeans with a casual shirt and a tracksuit top. She also adds a red jumper whilst she bikes around.


She is wearing the same pair of jeans I mentioned in the previous post, (such as, for instance, this pair by Top Shop) but she has changed her trainers to a blue pair, like this pair of Vans, available on Amazon, or this pair of navy trainers, only £8.99 at New Look.

Her shirt is very similar to this lovely 1980s striped shirt by Etsy seller Undisclothed, or this pretty oversize shirt available at Zara.

She is also wearing a blue tracksuit top, like this one at only £7.99 at Decathlon, or this Nike zip top, £22 at Nordstrom.

I can’t really see her red jumper properly, but I am happy enough with this unisex jumper by Woolovers or this plain jumper, now only £13 at M&S.

Jessica is also seen wearing her tartan dressing gown over two different pyjamas sets. At the beginning of the episode, Jessica is wearing a light blue striped pyjamas and at the end she is wearing a pink one. The screenshots are not very good so you will have to trust me on that!

nightgown2 copy

For the pyjamas I chose to head to Nordstrom, which has a wide selection of very pretty “boyfriend” pyjamas sets in delicate shades of pink and blue.
I picked this lake blue striped set (available also in pink), this Ralph Loren striped blue and ivory set, this Ralph Loren pink, blue and ivory striped set, and this pink striped set, now all on sale at less than £23.

For the tartan/flannell robe I would go with Matalan and pick this check print dressing gown, or this blue brushed check dressing gown, both at £16.

And the look would not be complete without the lamp, of course.
I suspect hers is an oil lamp, like this amber one now available on Ebay or this vintage one available from Etsy seller WrathofRa, but you can also recreate the same romantic atmosphere with this pretty tealight holder by Laura Ashley.


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  1. Thank You for liking my charcoal drawing It meant a lot to me!!! *Cynthia

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