Flannel memories?

“Murder, She Wrote” Series 1 – Episode 2
“Deadly Lady”
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Fashion Tip learned :
Be bold, but with measure. If wearing a cardigan with a huge fish on it, make it a statement piece by keeping the rest of your outfit simple and understated.

Life Lesson learned :
Being nice to strangers and opening your home and heart to others is important, and it could even be the last act of kindness that person will ever experience.

Sudden Thought:
I have a theory: I think sometimes Jessica Fletcher wears items of clothing which belonged to her husband.
I might be totally wrong, but the more episodes I watch closely, the more I see how often she speaks of him with tears in her eyes: she obviously misses him very much, so when I see her wearing XL shirts on top of her clothes, it seems only natural to assume that they belonged to the late Frank Fletcher.

If you look specifically at the screenshot below, both the flannel shirt and the blue shirt she is wearing have buttons on the right, which is, I believe, the way in which men shirts are usually sewn. Or maybe it is just the way in which the camera makes it look? And yet my boyfriend’s shirts differ from mine in that detail. Furthermore, in the screenshot you can also see part of the buttons on the shirts of the man she is talking to, and they are on the right too.

My investigative skills are not great and a search on internet did not bring me anything, so I might be completely on the wrong track, but I like to think that this is one of her ways to keep him close to her heart.


Following this theory, I looked for men shirts to recreate this outfit, and I chose this blue cotton shirt at Topman and this blue chelsea shirt at River Island.

For the flannel/plaid shirt, I found this pretty vintage blue shirt and this lovely mixed palette shirt, both available at Beyond Retro, this beautiful 1970s vintage shirt by Etsy seller Rubybubble, and this charming 1960s vintage shirt by Etsy seller Saintgabardine.

In this episode Jessica wears mostly casual outfits, pairing jeans with comfy cardigans and trainers. When called down to the port of Cabot Cove by Sheriff Tupper, she puts on a pretty denim duffle coat on top of the shirts above.


I found a lovely duffle coat on Etsy by seller Whatezekielsaw, but if you like the colour and style but prefer something different from denim, I also found a navy duffle coat at Oxfam and a quilted one at Oasis, for that little extra padding.

The jeans are very casual and simple, so I picked a slouch model and a vintage model, both available at Top Shop.
Jessica’s white trainers could be the same I mentioned in this post, but I also like  these by Barratts (on sale at only £3.20!!) or these Keds available on Amazon.


To complete the look, Jessica is wearing a beige fishermen’s hat with stripes.
I picked a few similar options, like this blue one and khaki one, both available at Debenhams, this beige one by Hollandshat and this green one at Rokit. I also like this one by M&S, which puts a twist on the theme adding a pretty ribbon.


7 responses to “Flannel memories?

  1. Yes, this is how men’s shirts are sewn. And her outfit really is very cute with that denim coat.

  2. I love your thought that Jess still wears some of Frank’s old shirts–that’s a brilliant deduction! Just the sort of heartwarming thing she would do.

    I’m a longtime fan of Jessica Fletcher’s elegant sense of style (and color! My gosh, Angela Lansbury looked good in everything!) so I’ll be an avid reader of your blog. Can’t wait to see what you discover next! :)

  3. I can’t believe there are other Jessica Fletcher fans out there. The actress, Angela Lansbury is adorable and I love her delivery, but her clothes are fantastic. I find my self wishing some company would put out similar quality and styles! I even freeze the action just to take a picture of some of her outfits. I am addicted to her reruns on Net Flix. KT

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