Jessica’s biking smile.

“Murder, She Wrote” Series 1 – Pilot Episode
“The Murder of Sherlock Holmes”
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Even if this outfit is seen in this pilot episode only for a few seconds, whilst Jessica admires her novels advertised as best sellers in the local bookshop,
I absolutely love this screenshot of a smiling Jessica on her bike. I can’t look at it without starting to smile too!


To bike around Cabot Cove, Jessica is wearing a light brown jacket, grey trousers, what seems to be a striped shirt and a light blue scarf.


The scarf is a very simple one, so there are plenty of different choices, however my personal picks are this lightweight casual scarf by Oasis, this linen blend scarf from Nordstrom or, best of the three, this gorgeous vintage chiffon scarf, available at Oxfam for only £7.99.

I can’t see much of her shirt, but I can see what look like striped cuffs, so I looked for a light and casual top like this striped cotton shirt by M&S or this striped Oxford shirt by Uniqlo.
For her trousers, I wanted something classy but comfy enough to wear on a bike, and I think these beige chinos or these grey trousers, both by River Island, nicely fit the bill.

I already discussed Jessica’s “detective” trench coat in this post, but this seems to be a slightly shorter and lighter jacket, and for this reason I chose this jacket by New Look, which also has a whimsical and pretty ‘collar drape’ design.

Bonus accessories: A city bike (and, of course, its basket).

Jessica also keeps fit by going jogging, and I particularly like the velour tracksuit she wears in this pilot episode.

tracksuit copy

It is so hard to find anything similar nowadays! Sportswear manifacturers like to slap their massive logos on blocks of electric colours and hyper synthetic materials, however I found four different options that play with the red-blue-white theme and I think are all very pretty.

The lovely Lacoste red top with horizontal blue and white stripes and the simple Adidas red top with vertical blue stripes are both available from vintage retailer Rokit, whilst the classic Fila blue top with horizontal red and white stripes is from Oxfam and the beautiful vintage red top with different stripes of blue and white is from Etsy seller PastPerfectContinues.

Last but not least, I think this striking red dress deserves a mention:

red stripey dress

Even though we don’t know if Jessica decided to buy it or not after her friends got her to try it on, I personally find it very whimsical and pretty! I found a few similar looking dresses that in my opinion are really fun, beautiful and fresh.

The quirky red shift dress with diagonal stripes is available at Oxfam, whilst the fancy striped dress with draping by Vivienne Westwood (!) is now on sale at more than half of its original price, still not very cheap but maybe worth the investment!
The beautiful maxi red and white striped dress is wonderfully handmade by Etsy designer CherryBlossomDress, and the lovely contrast red and white dress is a vintage piece, sold by Etsy seller Girlwithpaint.


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  1. Love your blog!

  2. Your blog is really funny!! You had a great idea I will follow you!
    If you want to have a look at my blog it would be nice :-)

  3. Diana Barry Blythe

    Jessica resembles a candy cane in that last one. So sweet! :)

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