Fancy Dress Party in Jessica’s style.

“Murder, She Wrote” Series 1 – Pilot Episode
“The Murder of Sherlock Holmes”
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Halloween is quite far away, but in certain countries this month is Carnival, so this post might be of some use. If  your idea of a cracking fancy dress is being “Jessica Fletcher in a fancy dress” (!) well, look no further!


In this episode Jessica is invited to a fancy dress party at the house of her publisher (dressed as the Count of Monte Cristo) and decides to go as Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz.

I personally find absolutely incredible how she manages to look so stunning even dressed like as a pink cupcake!

It’s a real pity that I quickly realised how hard it is to find an adult costume without fishnets, plunging neckline and the word “sexy” in the description…
In the end I came up with a couple of ideas.

fancy dress copy

A very cheap option is to browse charity stores for second hand tulle-and-sparkles bridesmaid dresses (or prom/evening dresses) such as this pink bridesmaid dress available at Oxfam. Accessorize it with a pretty bolero, like this lace one available at Beyond Retro, and you are pretty much set!

If you really want a “proper” costume, you can rent one, like this pink glittery fairy dress, and yes, it costs £50 per day but apparently it comes with a tiara (I could not find the picture though) and it would save you the hassle of filling your closet with a bulky dress you will probably never wear again.
For pretty much the same price you can instead buy this official Glinda costume, complete with crown and magic wand.

In any case, the best part of a fancy dress are the accessories.
You will need a star-shaped wand, that you can buy on Amazon for only £1.20, a crown or tiara, like this incredibly pretty one on sale at yesstyle, and a set of very big and sparkly earrings and necklace. On Amazon there are a lot of “bridal” sets, which look much better than your average costume jewellery and are reasonably priced. My picks for this costume are this silver diamond set at £10, this silver sparkly diamond set at £16 and this pearl and crystal set at £19.

jessica fancy dress


9 responses to “Fancy Dress Party in Jessica’s style.

  1. Very kawaii! And yes, she does look amazing.

  2. Thank You for liking my vintage shoes and stockings!!! I love murder she wrote!! *Cynthia

  3. Thanks for liking the Heart shaped door knocker. *Cynthia

  4. I agree with what your saying, there are alot of “sexy” costumes out there, but there are more now catering to a wider audience, we certainly stock quite a broad selection.

  5. I hear this is a real stumper at the annual Halloween party. Dressing like Jessica Fletcher in the Good Witch Costume in the first episode of Murder She Wrote.

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