Shoes, pastels and tweed.

“Murder, She Wrote” Series 1 – Pilot Episode
“The Murder of Sherlock Holmes”
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In this episode, Jessica is invited to spend the weekend in a really posh villa.
Her outfit looks quite simple to put together and yet is very pretty and elegant.


On top of her usual bow neck blouse (see previous post if you want to know more about it), she is wearing a pastel cardigan, like this beige one by Uniqlo, only £20 and available in many different colours.

Her grey pleated skirt is quite a classic item and my choice is this vintage olive and white pleated skirt, only £15 at Rokit, or, for a more modern feel, this stylish black and grey tweed skirt, £45 at John Lewis.

Looking at her lovely court shoes, my picks from the high street are these grey heels by Asos, these beige heels by Barrats and these beige heels by La Redoute, all on sale at the moment at £30 or less.

Speaking of shoes, Jessica following a potential murder suspect – without realising that someone else was following her! – gave me the rare chance to have a close look at her footwear.


I perfectly remember my mum wearing shoes which were almost precisely the same colour and style. Sure, they might be considered a little too old-fashioned nowadays, and that would explain why I had such a hard time in finding anything similar on the high street, but I think these lovely heels by Hush Puppies could be considered a good modern take on the same theme.

If you prefer to go vintage, on Etsy there are plenty of beautiful shoes to choose from, like these lovely 1960s vintage pair by seller FarmsteadVintage or these pretty 1950s vintage pair by seller Dethrosevintage. And my personal favourites are these 1980s shoes by seller AgeetaOldieWoldies, which I wish were my size!

Something I would like to mention about this episode, at least briefly, is Jessica wearing tweed suits (with pleated or pencil skirts) and smart blazers.


If you want to recreate the perfect tweed suit look for a frame of the price you would pay on the high street, you need to go vintage, for instance with this beautiful grey tweed suit, now on super-sale at only £25, or this lovely brown and black tweed suit at £42, both available at Rokit.

Suit jackets or blazers in pastel tones are easy to find, especially now that spring is just around the corner. If you have £800 to spend, you could be interested in this pale blue Stella McCartney jacket, however my personal preference goes to this pretty white jacket, £30 on sale at House of Fraser, or this lovely turquoise blazer, £40 at Veromoda.

And for a last look at some of Jessica’s accessories in this episode…

bagsandberets copy

Jessica carries around a lovely brown leather bag. Of course there are a lot of similar bags around, but my picks are this tan bag at TKmaxx, this bag by Asos at only £16, and this super-cute bag available at Warehouse.

The hat that Jessica is wearing  (mostly as a travel accessory) is a black beret, and you can get one exactly like it on Amazon, for only £5!!
If you fancy something more whimsical, Accessorize added a flower detail, whilst Oasis added some diamond sparkle. And if instead you would prefer a different colour, my advice is to go to the Oxfam website (always worth a browse for so many reasons!) and snap away this lovely vintage brown beret.


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